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Our Marble Pentagon Tray can be used for serving or for display on any shelf or table along with your most treasured items. It will bring modern style into your home. Each piece is unique in shape and colour - so you can rest assured that your platter is one-of-a-kind. The beautiful marble piece you receive may not look completely identical. Marble is a natural material and therefore embodies its unique and natural characteristics, the degree and pattern of veining will vary. Each tray is a unique piece with a completely individual grain.

Marble Care

To protect, always use cold water to clean your marble pieces.

Clean with a very mild detergent using a soft cloth. The use of abrasive items may scratch the marble. Do not bring item in contact with bleach.

Some oily, acidic and heavily pigmented foods may mark or stain the marble. Exercise caution around foods that is acidic or stain.

Place this contemporary piece on your coffee table in your living room, as a tray for your dining room or displayed in a bedroom.


Dimensions: 38W x 40D x 5H cm